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Walter Lea, IgA Nephropathy From America

patient storyName: Walter Lea

Diagnosis: IgA Nephropathy

Country: America

Why Come to China:

It is an accidental chance that Walter Lea was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. He was hospitalized for his anemia and his Dr told him there was damage on his kidneys.

“ My anemia condition is controlled bymedications, but this is not the way I want it to be. I was hospitalized and expected an improvement. However, I was told to have this (IgA Nephropathy). Said Walter Lea.

He was disappointed that his Dr cannot sure what cause the kidney damage in his case after various tests. This drives him to find help from others. “ I got all the test you can imagine but Dr still not sure what cause NS in my case. And then I found your center on internet.” Said Walter Lea.

Conditions Before Treatment:

“He had a very high protein in his urine and edema to ankle and feet. He discovered this by He got itch and rash all over his body 3months ago and He got swell up from itch and rash that does not go away.” Said his Brother Barry.

patient storyBefore Walter Came to China, he was on Lisinopril 10mg daily and lasix 40 mg twice a day. These medication are treating his swollen. But he said:”I don’t get better and my muscle are wasting a lot.”

Treatment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Acupuncture, Immunotherapy

Conditions After Treatment:

After 2 weeks’ treatment, Walter told me: “ my overall health right now is better than 2month ago and swelling is gone. I feel much better now but my urine still foamy and skin itch daily. I believe you can drive them (Protein in Urine and Skin Itch) away and I love the amazing natural herbs!”

He was glad to see the improvement, but still waited for further recovery.

It was a pity that I missed his “farewell party”, but I was lucky to find his cases from Dr. Yang. Here are some numbers for your share.

  Protein in Urine GFR Creatinine
Before Treatment 3+ 25 4.2
After Treatment + 28 3.5

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