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Cold Made Nephropathy Relapse, Can Protein 13.87g Reduced at This Time

Liu is 8 years old. It is 4 years ago when he was diagnosed with kidney disease. Cold cause edema in eyelid and lower legs. After a period of treatment in local hospital, protein urine was reversed to negative while it relapse when leave hospital. Seen that, his parents took him to local Chinese hospital with the treatment of oral taken medicine combine with hormone based drugs. But recheck exam showed protein between 1+ to 3+. No effect made them lose confidence of local hospital and asking around for a better one with good reputation.

Occasionally, they said, heard about Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, and they decided to take a chance. No sooner said that done, they booked a ticket and came to Shijiazhuang from Gansu Province. When in hospital, Liu had a severe edema. His eyes creased due to edema. His legs had edema too, pressed with finger can made a slow recovered pole. Examine showed that protein urine 4+, occult 2+ and 24-hour protein urine quality 13.87g. It is a serious condition even for an adult, let along a 8 years old child. What’s worse, immune globulin was only 0.49g.
Cold Made Nephropathy Relapse, Can Protein 13.87g Reduced at This TimeCold Made Nephropathy Relapse, Can Protein 13.87g Reduced at This Time

Experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital chose Chinese treatment for him to reverse his condition. In one hand, it can help him rebuild the immune ability, on the other hand, combine with Chinese medicine, this treatment can help eliminate toxins in blood and blood cells, provide a better environment for other medicine and therapy. After a serious of Chinese medicine treatment, his edema was gone, lost 7.5kg weight. And he was more energetic than before. The most achievement is that after a 15 days treatment, protein was reversed from 4+ to +-, occult negative and 24-hour protein quality 0.89g. Even through his condition was improved, but immune system still weak. The next step is to use acupuncture to improve his immune system to avoid cold and other diseases.
Cold Made Nephropathy Relapse, Can Protein 13.87g Reduced at This TimeCold Made Nephropathy Relapse, Can Protein 13.87g Reduced at This Time

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