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Patients Recover from Nephrotic Syndrome within One Month


Miss Feng comes from Henan Province. She was working in Shenzhen with her husband 4 months ago until she found that the severe swelling in her legs. The swelling made her legs look fat, and disappeared in the morning, got severe at night. Several days later, she realized that there was something wrong with her and found the protein urine 3+, 24-hour urinary protein quantity was 3.8g, and diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. With the treatment of hormone and diuretic, the swelling was gone and protein urine was negative, so she left the hospital and back to work.

But, even though she took the hormone as doctor said, her protein urine was still around 2+ to 3+, and the 24-hour urinary protein quantity was 2.15g. She was tired of hormone and turn to natural treatment, so she came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for help. The 24-hour urinary protein quantity was 5.06g, and her swelling was more severe than before.
Patients Recover from Nephrotic Syndrome within One Month

Why the swelling reappear again and again? The doctor in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital told that it was the hormone and diuretics. These medicines can reduce the swelling and protein urine, but it cannot repair the damaged kidney tissue, the toxins accelerated in kidney will cause the compliments sooner or later. The key point in treating kidney disease is to clean the toxins in the blood, and then use the medicine to treat the kidney disease. Or medicine is useless, and has no long term effect.

After one week natural treatment, her swelling was gone and lost 6 kilogram weight. And ten days later, her 24-hour urinary protein quantity was 1.71g.
Patients Recover from Nephrotic Syndrome within One Month

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