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A Miracle in Revolutionary Veteran: Controlling the Diabetic Nephropathy

Yang, a revolutionary soldier, came from Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province. He had overcame so many difficulties but almost lost to himself. What happened to him?

It was 18 years ago, uncle Yang felt thirsty even though he had drunk a lot of water, and he ate much than before. He felt something wrong with him and went to do a physical test in the local country hospital, diagnosed with type 2 diabetics. He was hospitalized for a period of time, then he left the hospital when his blood glucose was controlled between 7-9 mmol/L. He insisted on taking medicine as doctor’s direction, never stopped. After he was diagnosed with diabetics, he avoided any desserts.

But 9 months earlier, he noticed that his legs had a little edema and went to the city hospital to do the test. The FBG ( fasting blood-glucose ) was 9.5mmol/L, postprandial blood-glucose was 16.5mmol/L; 24-hour urine protein examination was 5.23g, CR was 32. μmol/L. He was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy.

After ten days treatment without effect, uncle Yang transferred to another hospital. But it did not work. CR increased to 336μmol/L.

A Miracle in Revolutionary Veteran: Controlling the Diabetic Nephropathy A Miracle in Revolutionary Veteran: Controlling the Diabetic Nephropathy

Then he decided to have a try in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

The hospital examination showed that his CR was 320μmol/L, urine nitrogen was 12.3μmol/L, and 24-hour urine protein examination was 4.72g. The reason diabetic developed into nephropathy was that the diabetic burden the kidney and accelerated the development of the kidney damage, it also responsible for the increase of CR.

After half a month’s treatment with Chinese medicine therapy, his CR was 270μmol/L, urine nitrogen was 11.7μmol/L and 24-hour urine protein examination was 1.91g. The headache, tired was also reversed. As the most dangerous disease in Nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy was hard to control. It was really a miracle for this time that we can control the condition and reduce the high creatinine level.

A Miracle in Revolutionary Veteran: Controlling the Diabetic Nephropathy

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