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Why Nephrotic Syndrome Has Proteinuria?

Why Nephrotic Syndrome Has Proteinuria?Why nephrotic syndrome has proteinuria? Lin is a three years old boy, he is very clever and activity. But one day his mother found that he does not like speaking and playing anymore. Then his mother found that he has a high temperature that is 39 ℃. His mother took him to the hospital quickly and doctor gave them many drugs.

After some days, the symptoms of high body temperature has disappeared but Lin appeared the symptoms of swelling on his face and legs. Then the test results showed that Lin had much protein in his urine, high body temperature and swelling. Finally the doctor told her mother that Lin’s condition is nephropatic syndrome. The local doctor gave him some hormone to control his proteinuria. But once he stopped to take hormone his condition would repeat again and again. But the doctor’s advice also was continue to take hormone.

However, the side effects of hormone made Lin’s mother worried about his future. This September they choose to come to our hospital for treatments. At the beginning, his proteinuria was 3+, occult blood was +, and his urine volume just was 500 ml per day. He also with the symptom of swelling.

With the treatments, Lin’s condition became better. After 10 days’ treatment, his proteinuria became 2+ , occult blood and urine volume became normal. Welling and high body temperature disappeared.

Lin’s mother saw the result showed his proteinuria is 2+ and asked the doctor whether his proteinuria could become normal.

In fact, damaged glomerular would cause proteinuria. Our treatments could help patients relieve their symptoms and improve the renal ischemia and hypoxia status which can cleanse the immune complex in Lin’s kidneys. And Lin just received our treatments for 10 days, according to his urine, now he also in the stage of cleanse the immune complex. So after all courses of treatments, his proteinuria could become normal and the probability of recurrence later would be relatively small.

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