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Chinese Medicines’ Efficiency: Only a Real-world Trial Can Tell

Ms Zhang is 45 years old now, but she has suffered much pain due to her swelling feet. The symptom started from half a year ago. Every day, seeing the swollen feet, she is anxious but helpless.

Chinese Medicines’ Efficiency: Only a Real-world Trial Can Tell

She went to the local hospital for physical tests, the doctor told her that feet edema is due to protein in urine. Due to protein lose, plasma osmotic pressure decreases. In the condition, extra fluid build up in the body tissues, triggering swelling. Meanwhile, the doctor recommended Hormonotherapy. After 24 days, swelling disappeared, although protein in urine was 2+. God knows! Swelling relapsed after 2 months. This time, she went to Shangdong Province Hospital and also did the kidney biopsy. The diagnosis was Membranous Nephropathy. And treatments includes Hormone therapy and Cyclophosphamide. After 17 day, no curative effects were seen, so she leaved from the hospital.

Chinese Medicines’ Efficiency: Only a Real-world Trial Can Tell

When she came to our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, she also had some doubts but she finally decided to take our treatments. We found that the protein in urine in Ms Zhan’s test report was 9.49g/24h. She feel disappointed for the result. Dr. Zhang Kun is in charge of Ms Zhang’s care. Dr. Zhang explained the pathogenesis of Membranous Nephropathy and what is immune complex. In addition, the doctor also tell the more important thing is to remove immune complexes.

Chinese Medicines’ Efficiency: Only a Real-world Trial Can Tell

For her case, we mainly use Chinese medicine treatments: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy. The former treatment is mainly use for expanding blood vessels and promoting blood circulation. The later therapy can help remove immune complexes out of the body effectively. In the condition, kidneys can get enough blood volume and nutrition, which lay a solid foundation for repairing kidney damage and enhancing kidneys cells’ self-handling ability.

Along with gradual repairmen of kidney damage, proteinurine also decreases (protein in urine is less than 0.3g/24h).

Chinese Medicines’ Efficiency: Only a Real-world Trial Can Tell

Proteinurine is controlled, and swelling also is gone naturally.

Getting the significant and real curative effects, Ms Zhang trusts us thoroughly and introduces her friend who suffer from chronic kidney disease come to our hospital for treatments! If you’d like to get rid of torment of kidney diseases, contact us: or Whatsapp +8615076162199!

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