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Appointment Between A Foreign Girl with Kidney Disease and “Chinese Mother”

Appointment Between A Foreign Girl with Kidney Disease and “Chinese Mother”On 10th, August, a touching scene happened in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. “Diana, can you make a deal with “Chinese mother? After 10 years, we will invite her to visit our home, then you will become a beautiful nurse.” janemeera said. “I see” the lovely girl answered.

Actually, they come from Ata, Kazakhstan. Why did they come to China for treatments?

In the fetuses, Diana’s mother suffered from cytomegalovirus infection, leading to developmental malformation. When she was three years old, she done the nephrectomy due to severe hydronephrosis in right kidney; when she was nine years old, she was diagnosed with chronic nephritis. Nowadays, she has developed into Kidney Failure, namely Uremia period. Due to no curative effects in the local hospital, she eventually come to our hospital with her daughter.

Treatment options in our hospital.

Considering the Diana’s whole physical status, our kidney experts design the treatment option: the first treatment is Traditional Chinese Medicine, the second is the western medicines treatment. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

By dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, preventing the formation of thrombus, it can improve renal function from the root. As long as renal function is enhanced, kidneys can work as normal.

Medicated Bath

it is a natural theory in which steam or direct bath will ta obvious of functions in blood circulations or disease curing by boiling or heating different Chinese Herbal Medicines.


It is suspected that kidney disease is caused by an immune system dysfunction. Immunotherapy, also called biological therapy, is to boost the body's immune system to fight off the complicated immunity-related diseases. In other words, it refresh your immune system and utilizes your own immune system to fight kidney disease.

What’s more, after systemic blood purification, her illness conditions has became stable. Now, her renal function has been improved significantly, and related symptoms also get relieved and controlled. And they expressed much thanks to our doctors and nurses. Her mother say that now her biggest wish is that Diana becomes healthy. Now, after our treatments, she see the new hope for Diana and life.

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