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The World Is So Big That We Should Go to See It

The World Is So Big That We Should Go to See ItNurbol comes from Kazakhstan. His kidney disease aggravates from inflammatory stage into uremic stage quickly in the past 7 months. This isn’t acceptable for Nurbol who is only 44 years old.

What should he do in the next? He has a thought: the world is so big that he should go to see it.

When he was admitted into the hospital, his illness condition had a new progression and his serum creatinine increased to 937 umol/L and BUN increased to 28.6 mmol/L. This means the onset of uremia.

Yang Libao is in charge of Nurbol’s case. First of all, Dr. Yang helps him analyze the existing problems of his previous treatment, so Nurbol understands why his kidney disease isn’t treated very well.

The necrosis of kidney cells are due to blood pollution. Then, renal hypertension, proteinuria, swelling, and some other symptoms appear one by one. The previous treatment only focuses on managing these symptoms but does nothing for necrotic kidney cells and polluted blood. Therefore, patients’ illness condition worsens more and more severely.

When Nurbol arrived at our hospital, not only his kidney function is damaged severely, but also his protein in urine reached 5.46g/24h along with renal anemia.

After making the treatment plan, Nurbol begins to do Traditional Chinese Medicine physical therapy. Oral taking Chinese Herbal Medicine, external application of TCM, and Foot Bath, all of these therapies are stranger for him. At the beginning, he is only curious about these therapies.

Several days later, curiousness becomes shock, because he feels good obviously, although he hasn’t done the second examination. He begins to sweat, hands and feet become warm, the body has more energy, and what’s more, he can have a good sleep at night.

After about 20 days’ treatment, his proteinuria declines to 2.96g. Creatinine and BUN levels also decrease a lot. Then, he continues to accept treatment. Finally, his kidneys don’t present obvious shrinkage. All of these means Nurbol’s kidney disease is controlled very well. All of these effects depend on TCM.

Now, we can know kidney patients should give up their treatment. Since the world is so big, there must be effective treatment to save their life.

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