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Brandy Weaver,ESRD,USA

Patient Story,ESRDName: Brandy Weaver

Country: USA

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Diagnosis: End-stage Renal Disease

Condition before Treatment

Serum creatinine: 452µmol/L; High blood pressure (hypertension)—160/80mmHg; High levels of potassium (Hyperkalemia)—6.19mmol/L; Hypoproteinemia; Pericardial effusion (hydropericardium);Heart failure

Brandy inherited the disease from his family over 20 years. Brandy’s condition progressed to a pretty serious stage in 2007.

On one hand, End-stage Renal Disease can be life-threatening; on the other hand, all those serious complications imperil his life directly. As a word, Alan was in a pretty serious condition back then.


After the topped experts’ consultation on Brandy’s condition was finished, they chalked out a detailed plan mainly focusing on dealing with the dangerous complications at the first place. After the complications were in check, the plan will be altered.

Although the patient took medications to control his blood pressure, he failed. Our treatment plan focused on his high blood pressure is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. By using the therapy, the vessel dilator works with angiotensin together, relieving the condition of insufficient angiotensin and excessive dilating. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy enhances the blood vessels to lower the high blood pressure eventually.

Hyperkalemia triggers arrhythmia and heart arrest. It can be fatal. So we would do what we need to deal with this complication in the first place.

The treatment coping with pericardial effusion inputs oxygen with low blood flow; in addition, taking medications to dilate coronary artery so as to improve the myocardial ischemia.

The doctors adjusted the amount of insulin, and customized him a healthy diet plan.

Condition after Treatment

The obvious improvements were his blood pressure. Brandy’s blood pressure decreased to 130/70mmHg after receiving the treatment for 7 days. Another one was that his heart failure has been corrected. By correcting the heart failure, Brandy was able to sleep just like a normal person. Compared with before, he could sleep only 2 hours with serious heart failure, which made him exhausted; he could sleep 7 hours now. Swelling and other symptoms relieved just like it should be.

More importantly, by keep on taking Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the damaged kidney cells and tissues were repaired. What’s more, it is able to protect the remaining kidney function. The damaged kidneys could work after all those measures had been taken.

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