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Tera Grand,Diabetic Nephropathy,Papua New Guinea

patient storyNAME: Tera Grand

COUNTRY:Papua New Guinea

AGE:47 years old


DIAGNOSIS: Diabetic Nephropathy; Kidney Failure


Living with diabetes for 12 years, Tera Grand was fine before found out her kidneys were involved resulting from years’ Diabetes. She needs dialysis to keep her health, but it was not a easy thing for her. “There are only two hospitals in my country that could perform dialysis. And I cannot find other medical options from my doctor. I always don’t think dialysis is a good choice and it should not be the only one for me.” Said Tera.

The blurred vision and other symptoms coming with the horrifying Kidney Failure not very long. “my eyes are affected. And my husband has to take care of me everyday. I feel guilty and pity. “Said Tera Grand.

Tera Grand accompanied by her husband and mum, eventually, went to China for better kidney treatment, on March 2012. “it is not a easy decision for a oversea treatment. But I think it is worthy or I have no better choice. This is my situation!” Said Tera Grand.


TREATMENT: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 time/day, 45 min/time; Chinese Herbal Medicine; Medicated Bath


Tera Grand received extensive therapy in her country and got poor results. She lost weight from 60 to 55kg, and experienced serious shortness of breath, dizziness induced by high blood sugar. She totally lost her appetite and became sullen all day long.

“Although I came here not for herbs only, the traditional Chinese medicine is a total bonus!” The lady took Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. “I felt a little weird at the very beginning. I can’t even stand the smell.” “But things changed after one-week treatment, Tera Grand seemed like falling in love this smell. She couldn’t wait to receive this Chinese treatment and prepared early for this everyday!” Tera Grand ’s husband told us.

“The patient became more energetic and happier. She sat in lobby and chatted with other patients about her country, her son, her life before and the places she plan to visit, very talkative.” Tera Grand’s attending doctor, Dr. Yang told us.

“I feel like 16, and was still a teenager girl. Thanks to your fabulous treatments!” said Tera Grand as she was leaving.

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