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Keemaya, IgA Nephropathy, India

patient storyNAME: Keemaya


AGE: 12 years old


DIAGNOSIS: IgA Nephropathy


Keemaya experienced flu half year ago in 2011. She suffered from gross hematuria and bubble urine after the cold was recovered. “I was terrified when I saw the blood in toilet.” said Prabal, Keemaya’s dad.

“I took Keemaya to see our family doctor immediately. But Dr. Shepherd referred us to a nephrologist in local hospital. I thought it can’t be good and shed tears all the way. Keemaya didn’t know what happened and kept asking me, ‘daddy, was I bad? Why you cry?’” The physician ran several tests and diagnosed him Nephrotic Syndrome. “He prescribed Keemaya some hormone medications, and told us the disease was pretty normal in children.”

Keemaya took hormones to treat the disease, but received poor result and he experienced puffy face. “Keemaya couldn’t open her eyes at the worst point! I can do nothing but seeing him suffering from this. This made me devastated.” Said Prabal. “my friend recommended us this that’s why we’re here.”



Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy (child-specific), 2 times/day, 45 min/time; Other western medicines


After Keemaya hospitalized, she was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy instead of Nephrotic Syndrome. So we changed the treatment plan. This is because IgA Nephropathy is an intractable kidney disease, simple usage of hormone is far from enough. That’s little Keemaya suffered a lot but with poor result.

“Keemaya’s urine turned yellow after five-day treatment. Dr. Wang said it was a good sign. It means that the changed color and matters discharged along with her urine.”

Of course, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not enough; Keemaya’s attending doctor used some other western medicines to boost her kidney function and deal with the disease. The little patient had no gross hematuria and bubble urine half month later. Her swelling face greatly relieved since receiving treatment here.

Lab reports before treatments:

Urine protein: 3+, occult blood: 3+, BP: 105/65mmHg,

Lab reports after treatments:

BP: 90/60mmHg, urine output: 1600ml.

24hr urine protein count: 0.16g, PRO: -, RBC: 20-25/HP, WBC: 1-2/HP, total volume of urine: 1100ml

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