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"My dizziness got much better"-Janie Page, Chronic Renal Insufficiency

Janie Page, a mother of three children. She was a nurse in local hospital. Her husband, Timm, is a dentist. They live a happy life until the disease paid the visit.

Bad News

Janie is a nurse in local hospital. She was very busy and left all the chores to his husband. She felt tired in every single day, but the feeling came stronger day by day. What’s more, swelling in her legs appeared, and she felt dizzy. She thought it probably was caused by the busy job and planned to take a vacation after she recovered.

Things didn’t work out just like she expected. She had a blurred vision when she got up in the morning. “It can’t be right,” said Janie, “I know I’ve spent too much time on my work and spared no time on my health, so I’ve already known someday I will get sick. But I pay no attention.”

“Timm and I went to hospital and run some tests. We were waiting in the hall and he was so nervous. I even comforted him like he was the sick one instead of me.” “But I was the one who almost collapsed after we were told that I got Chronic Renal Insufficiency. The doctor suggested me to take hemodialysis as early as possible.“ Janie said all those seemed like just happened yesterday.

Choosing Kidney Service China

As a nurse, Janie knew exactly what Chronic Renal Insufficiency meant, so did Timm. “What should I do with my children?” It was the first thought jumping into my mind. After a short period of depression and lifeless, the old Janie came back. “I want to survive. Let’s find a better place where can treat me. They have no other approach except dialysis.” One of Timm’s friends suggested them to” go China”. They have a good reputation and really know something.

The Diagnosis

After Janie hospitalized, doctors here ran some more tests for her. Her doctor asked like pile of questions. All the nephrologists gathered around here to make a personalized treatment plan afterwards. The final diagnosis was more detailed: Chronic Renal Insufficiency, Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Renal Hypertension and Renal Anemia.

Treatment and Life Now

Janie disagreed with Chinese Herbal Medicine. After receiving 2 weeks' treatment, improvements appeared. “My blood pressure finally decreased from 270/160mmHg to 150/100mmHg. My dizziness got much better.” After month-long treatment, Janie’s condition has been controlled well and stable.

“I know what Chronic Renal Insufficiency means. This is already a better result than I expected.”

Now Janie’s not working as a nurse, but she’s busy singing in the church choir. “I will spend more time with my family and friends, and find a hobby to make myself busy.”

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