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"Chinese Medicine is Really Amazing!", Emma with Nephrotic Syndrome

It was the fall of 2006. Emma Black, a sweet, beautiful girl showed up in Kidney Service China. She had a great big brother who loves her dearly named Ben. Ben took care of his little sister since their parents divorced when they were small. Ben took a part-time job in a local bar at night while Emma served as a part-time waitress in a Cafe.

One day Emma woke up and found herself swelling in her eyelid and legs in the morning. She thought it was because working too late in the Café and thought little of it. She comforted Ben and said the symptoms would disappear a few days later. But they didn’t. “I just thought it was caused by my overwork and too much stress in my schoolwork.” Emma said.

Before Coming to China

Ben sent her to the local hospital five days later. The lab reports came out and showed 3+, “we don’t even know what does that means!”

Emma’s attending doctor May told them Emma needed to hospitalize immediately. It was Nephrotic Syndrome. They had no idea what Nephrotic Syndrome is, but Ben insisted to go for the admitting procedures. After using the hormones for a period of time, Emma became swelling and out of shape. She often felt blue and in low spirits. Taking medications was all she left.

What’s worse, a cold worsened her condition and extreme edema appeared. She had to receive corticosteroid impulse therapy once again. Ben suffered too. He saw Emma sullen and felt anxious. He found our hospital after sending and receiving tons of E-mails and thought this hospital may treat her sister right. So they came to China.

The Diagnosis

To their astonishment, our staffs were waiting for them in the airport lobby. Emma was already pretty weak and tired after 14 hours flight. Our staffs picked them up and sent them to the hospital. After taking enough rest, the doctor arranged her some tests.

Different from the lab reports before, Emma’s proteinuria up to 4+, which means that her condition grow progressively than before. It was diagnosed Nephrotic Syndrome as before, only the treatment changed.

“They told me don’t worry about that. I don’t believe they can correct me at first.” Emma told me the truth. “But I benefit from their treatment. I gonna say, Chinese Medicine is amazing.”


The treatment is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Dr. Wang, Emma’s attending doctor said, “It is the one of the most effective treatments for Nephrotic Syndrome.”

The progression was made only three days later. The first improvement was her edema. “It disappeared magically!” Emma couldn’t believe her eyes. Ben was also very excited about that and kept asking Dr. Wang why that would happen. “Emma’s swelling is being there for almost a year, I thought it would never disappear as long as she lives with the disease.” Ben told Dr. Wang, “I wanna know why. Please do tell me.”

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is totally different from hormones. As we ditch the hormones away, the puffiness may fade away. But western doctors can’t treat the disease without hormones, so patients had to suffer from swelling like forever. However, our featured therapy works for degrading immune complexes, which is exactly the cause of Nephrotic Syndrome.

Emma’s swelling faded away completely. Her urine output increased along with warm hands and feet. Her condition gradually improved throughout the course of her treatment.

Life Now

Emma and Ben’s life back to normal. She kept touching with the nurse and Dr. Wang now and then. They will finish their high school soon. “Ben and I want to attend the same college so as to take care of each other. I am so grateful to have such a great brother.” Emma told Dr. Wang on the phone.

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