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Rank Steven, Polycystic Kidney Disease, America

patirnt storyNAME:Rank Steven

COUNTRY: America

AGE:51 years old


DIAGNOSIS: PolycysticKidney Disease(PKD), polycystic liver disease


Rank was found Polycystic Kidney Disease in October 2005. Due to no symptoms and blood in urine, he cared nothing about it. Rank suffered from left upper abdominal colic in July 2007. The patient was informed that he had PKD and hospitalized in local hospital for 21 days. “The medications they gave me were mainly anti-inflammatory and analgesic. I got better and then discharged.” said Rank.

Two months ago in January 2008, Rank experienced gross hematuria. He sought treatments in China after realizing there’s no effective treatment for his diseases in his country.


TREATMENT: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/ time

Western medicines


After running several tests for the patient, his attending doctor told Rank his illness condition had entered the first stage of kidney fibrosis, which means his serum creatinine and urea nitrogen didn’t elevate but the kidney function has already declined. After adopting Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, his kidney damage can be repaired gradually; meanwhile, the kidney function can be regained day by day.

Rank showed significant improvements after receiving the treatments. His dark complexion was replaced by rosy face. The left upper abdominal pain got greatly relieved and finally disappeared after month-long treatment. The blood pressure decreased to 130/90mmHg and became stable. The blood in urine no longer existed and the color of his urine changed straw yellow. What’s more, his mental condition got much better than before. More importantly, his cysts shrank! “The cysts actually shrank!! I cannot believe this!” said Rank with excitement.

Records before treatment (March 13, 2008)

Size of right kidney: 170×72×63mm, size of left kidney: 210×65×61mm, largest cyst in right kidney: 80×60mm, largest cyst in left kidney: 54×32mm, 24-hour urine protein quantitative: 0.08g/24hr, Scr: 1.2mg/dL, urea nitrogen: 328.3mmol/l, Ccr: 69.3ml/min, Kalemia: 4.19mmol/L, Na: 142.5mmol/L, urea nitrogen: 6.51mmol/L.

Records after treatments (April 12, 2008)

Right kidney size: 130×72×53mm, left kidney size: 150×61×49mm, largest cyst in his right kidney: 50×38mm, largest cyst in his left kidney: 21×18mm.

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