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Nada Hassan Gawdat, Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Failure, Egypt

Nada Hassan Gawdat, Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Failure, EgyptNada Hassan Gawdat, 66 years old, have Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Failure with Type 2 Diabetes, gout, and bilateral multiple kidney cysts. With hope to avoid Dialysis or Kidney Transplant, he came to China for treatment in May, 2013. From his case as below, we can see his improvement with Chinese medicine treatment.

Name: Nada Hassan Gawdat

Gender: Male

Age: 66

Country: Egypt

Diagnosis: Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Failure, renal anemia, Type 2 Diabetes, bilateral multiple kidney cysts, kidney stone in the right kidney, mild fatty liver, post-cholecystectomy

Why Come to China:

In 2008, Nada was detected to have high blood pressure 220/110mmHg. With the prescribed hypertensive medications, his blood pressure was controlled.

In 201, he was diagnosed with Gout with normal creatinine in the blood. About 4 years ago, he experienced symptoms including excessive thirst, eat too much and frequent urination. Then he went to the local hospital and get test. With high blood sugar 500mg/dl and urine sugar 4+, he wad diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and prescribed drugs to relieve the symptoms.

About 5 months ago, Nada is suffering from increase urination at night (5-10 times per night) with urine output around 1,000ml. Then he got test again and was diagnosed with Hypertensive Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure. His doctor suggested dialysis or transplantation, but Nada refused and seek for alternative treatment in China.

Treatment in China: Micro-Chinese Medicine, Immunotherapy, Integrated Chinese and western medicines

Treatment duration: 31th, May, 2013~26th, June, 2013

Conditions before and after treatment:

Date BP Scr BUN Proteinuria Occult Blood
2013-5-31 140/90mmHg 288umol/L 16.7mmol/L 3+ +-
2013-6-26 130/90mmHg 274umol/L 11.2mmol/ 2+ -

After less than one month's treatment in China, Nada's condition has become stable with obviously improved quality of life. He exclaimed that he has seen new hope from treatment in China and will stick to self-treatment at home with our doctor's instructions in order to avoid dialysis.

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