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Darshita, FSGS and Chronic Kidney Failure on Peritoneal Dialysis, India

Darshita, 14 years old, has been diagnosed with FSGS and Chronic Kidney Failure on peritoneal Dialysis for 9 months. For better control of her kidney disease, she came to China for treatment in July, 2013. Here is about her case.

Name: Darshita

Gender: Girl

Age: 14

Country: India

Diagnosis: FSGS, Chronic Nephritis, Chronic Kidney Failure (ESRD), renal anemia, renal hypertension, pericardial effusion

Why Come to China:

According to Darshita's father, the girl was diagnosed with FSGS about 4 years ago. At that time, she experienced swollen eyelids and lower limbs. The test showed proteinuria 4+ and occult blood 2+. The local doctor only prescribed medicines including prednisone and cyclophosphamide to control her symptoms.

In 2010, Darshita was suffering from swelling of face and lower limbs again and she was taken to see the doctor. Diagnosis given at the local hospital is 'Chronic Nephritis, FSGS' with high blood pressure 150/100mmHg, creatinine 1.5mg/dl, and proteinuria 2+. Under the doctor's instruction, anti-hypertensive medicines are prescribed.

Unfortunately, 9 months ago, this little girl presented severe symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headaches, etc. Her dad took her to the local hospital. Test was done again which showed blood pressure 160/100mmHg, creatinine 15mg/dl, haemoglobin 98g/L. Following the doctor's suggestion, Darshita began to undergo peritoneal dialysis. However, her discomforts are not well controlled under this treatment.

"I am very worried because there is no other treatment in India. Fortunately, I find new hope in Chinese medicine, so I decided to came here for better improvement of my girl." Darshita's dad told us.

Treatment in China: Advanced Blood Purification techniques, Chinese herbal medicine, Immunotherapy

Treatment duration: 20, July, 2013~1st, August, 2013

Conditions before and after treatment:

Date Scr haemoglobin BP RBC (L) PL(L)
2013-7-20 1045umol/L 57g/L 140/100mmHg 2.14*1012 20*109
2013-8-1 318umol/L 91g/L 90-150/
3.20*1012 123*109

After systematic treatment, Darshita's condition get great improvement. Her severe swelling disappear completely and blood pressure was within control. With the doctor's permission, she get discharged from the hospital. However, our doctor will always be in contact with her family and offer further guidance for her treatment at home.

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