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Joseph Okah, Chronic Glomerulonephritis and Stage 5 CKD, Nigeria

Joseph Okah, Chronic Glomerulonephritis and Stage 5 CKD, NigeriaJoseph Okah, 46 years old, has Chronic Glomerulonephritis and Stage 5 CKD. After having been on Dialysis for 7 months, he came to China for treatment in March, 2013. From his given below, we can see his improvement with Chinese medicine.

Name: Joseph Okah

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Country: Nigeria

Diagnosis: Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Stage 5 CKD, renal anemia, renal hypertension, metabolic acidosis, bilateral kidney cysts

Why Come to China:

In 2003, Joseph was diagnosed with Chronic Glomerulonephritis with proteinuria++ and occult blood+. Without overt discomforts, he took no treatment. However, 5 years ago, he was detected to have high blood pressure due to symptoms of headache and dizziness. Even with prescribed hypertensive medicines, the elevated blood pressure was not well controlled (fluctuate around 140-210/90-110mmHg).

Two years ago, Joseph experienced symptoms including nausea, vomiting, swollen legs, and was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure in the local hospital. About 7 months ago, he began to undergo hemodialysis. With hope to get better improved quality of life and kidney function, he came to China.

Treatment in China: Micro-Chinese Medicine, foot bath, enema, etc

Treatment duration: 31th, March, 2013~10th, May, 2013

Conditions before and after treatment:

Date Scr BUN BP UA
2013-3-31 1006umol/L 14.9mmol/L 220/100mmHg 338umol/L
2013-5-10 790umol/L 8.4mmol/L 130/80mmHg 194umol/L

From the above chart, we are glad to see Joseph's conditions has improved a lot and his disease is controlled steadily. With continuous treatment at home, we are all sure he will have much better improvements with reduced requency of Dialysis or even get rid of dialysis.

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