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Natural Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome to Avoid Kidney Failure

Natural Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome to Avoid Kidney FailureQ: My 30 year old friend has Nephrotic Syndrome. He has had it for almost 3 years now. Has been on prednisone for more than 2 years. Each time he taper off, the protein spillage comes back within 2 weeks. The prednisone makes him feel terrible with severe acne on his face. Would like to know alternative natural treatment to treat his disease well so can avoid Kidney Failure. Thanks for your help!!

A: I got your message about your friend's Nephrotic Syndrome. It's our pleasure to share suggestions for his improvement. Chat with our free online doctor if you would like to talk directly.

Over 90% of kidney disease is related to immune system, so does Nephrotic Syndrome. In case of low immunity or disordered immune system, there are lots of immune complexes formation and deposition in the kidneys. These substances would arise excessive inflammatory response. The root cause of his protein leakage is damaged glomerular epithelial cells due to deposits of immune complex and inflammation of the kidneys.

Prednisone can suppress the immune reaction so as to control protein leakage. However, only suppressing immunity is not enough. It will result in a low immunity and Nephrotic Syndrome is easy to relapse.

As for natural therapy to treat his disease fundamentally and avoid Kidney Failure, Chinese Herbal Medicine is a good choice. It can treat Nephrotic Syndrome fundamentally and has no side effect.

Chinese herbal remedy works to stop the inflammatory response in the kidneys, and meanwhile, remove the immune complex. Besides, by expanding blood vessels, inhibit inflammation, anti-coagulation, the blood circulation will get improved. The blood flow to the kidneys can be increased.

With sufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the kidneys, the function of damaged kidney cells, especially the glomerular epithelial cells, will be recovered. Therefore, the protein leakage will be controlled fundamentally. With gradually improved kidney function, patients can live a fully normal life.

This is a general introduction about natural treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome to avoid Kidney Failure. Hope it is helpful for your friend's condition. Any question, feel free to contact us by email: Hope he gets better soon!

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