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Reoccurrence of Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is common kidney disease which easily reoccurs. Why it relapses? How to prevent its occurrence? This article will help you find the answer!

Why Nephrotic Syndrome Reoccurrence Happens?

In most cases, the nephrotic syndrome reoccurrence follows conditions associated with immune system disorder, such as cold, flu, infections, fever etc.

For years’ research, nephrotic syndrome is found to be caused by the autoimmune disorder. However, as the treatments doesn’t follow the latest research, you may only recovery from the Kidney Disease, but not from the underlying immune system. This is why a mild immune disorder may call your nephrotic syndrome back.

Thereby, the key to deal with the reoccurrence of nephrotic syndrome is to control the immune system problem.

How to prevent the reoccurrence of Nephrotic Syndrome?

As mentioned above, finding the treatment for immune system will be the first thing to do, in order to prevent the reoccurrence of nephrotic syndrome.


As its name replies, it is a biotherapy which relates to the immune system. Immunotherapy is the latest treatment for kidney disease. More than 95% of kidney diseases relate to immune problem. Also Diabetes is an autoimmune damage.

Immunotherapy helps rebuild the damaged immune system and uses the new immune system to fight against the kidney disease. As long as the root cause can be controlled, it is hardly for a trigger to induce reoccurrence of nephrotic syndrome.

Immunity Improvement

Besides immunotherapy, ways to improve immunity will reduce the rate to stimulate the immune system. Here are some tips to improve immunity for your consideration.

- quite smoking

- healthy Diet

- Exercise at a regular basis

- enough sleep

- monitor your blood pressure and keep it under control

- build a strong social network

- keep a positive attitude

Healthy Living is the best natural way to boost your immunity, which also helps rebuild a healthy immune system. This is a fundamental way to reverse the nephrotic syndrome. Frustrated to find the foods beneficial for immunity improvement? Leave a message below and get the food list now!

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