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Chi Kong and Nephrotic Syndrome

Chi Kong and Nephrotic SyndromeChi Kong refers to a breathing exercises and physical postures which helps improve health condition. It is also beneficial for nephrotic syndrome-- a group symptoms of Kidney Disease.

Chi Kong

Chi Kong is the art of developing vital energy particularly for health, vitality, mind expansion and spiritual cultivation. This natural therapy helps cure illness, promote health, enhance vitality, develop internal force, expand the mind, and spiritual cultivation etc.

Chi Kong and Nephrotic Syndrome

Chi Kong shows many benefits for better kidney management. Itself shows no effects to improve kidney function, but it helps alleviate the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.

Improve Sleep Quality

As for the chronic pain or frequent urination at nigh, a good sleep becomes previous for patients. Chi Kong participants had improved sleep quality and length, according to the report. Two-thirds of the people practicing Chi Kong had major improvements in sleep quality, compared with one-third who of those involved in health education sessions.

Emotional Improvement

Due to the nephrotic syndrome, many patients suffer from severe burden and fear, which make patients fragile and mood swings. The smooth and balanced flow of qi created by qigong practice shows itself as a joyful, relaxed, optimistic and energized state of mind.

Physical Benefits

Bone disease is a common complication of nephrotic syndrome. If you take Chi Kong at regular basis, you may get a physical benefit to prevent the bone disease. Chi Kong practice makes the body strong and supple. It improves balance, stamina and flexibility.

Natural Pain-killer

Chronic pains resulting from Nephrotic Syndrome bother the patients day and night. Back Pain, Flank Pain and abdominal pain are the common symptoms for Kidney Disease patients.

If you can practice Chi Kong for a long time, it can reduce or eliminate chronic pain. It also has the power to reverse the aging process, and restore youthfulness.

Do you want to try Chi Kong? What’s your story with Chi Kong and Nephrotic Syndrome? Share your words with us and let’s fight nephrotic syndrome together!

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