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The Latest Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome in 2015

The Latest Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome in 2015Until now, it is still one big problem to treat Nephrotic Syndrome. Most patients with Nephrotic Syndrome will have at least one time of relapse, so patients pin their hope on the latest treatment in 2015.

Fortunately, after many years' research, kidney experts work together and create "Four Therapies". Now, this therapy shows a great effect on treating Nephrotic Syndrome. How is this therapy created? How does it work?

The formation of "Four Therapies" base on the understanding about this disease

With the progress of times, the understanding level about kidney disease becomes higher and higher. The conventional curative effect hasn't meet patients' need. That is to say, patients with Nephrotic Syndrome has recognized proteinuria turning to negative doesn't mean a cure of their kidney disease. The real treatment should be able to not only make proteinuria negative but also prevent its relapse. According to this requirement, nephrologists create this brand new therapy.

How does "Four Therapies" manage Nephrotic Syndrome?

This treatment includes one dose of oral Chinese medicine, one bottle of Maikang composition, Hot Compress Therapy and Foot Bath. These therapies can remove immune complexes, repair kidney filtering system and manage the underlying cause. Even though Nephrotic Syndrome is in acute progressive stage, it can still be managed via this therapy. This can reveal Chinese medicines can also work quickly. Once kidneys filter blood normally, protein leakage will disappear naturally. This just resolves the disadvantages of steroid on Nephrotic Syndrome treatment.

As more and more kidney patients get recovery from this new therapy that fully proves the great curative effects of this therapy on treating Nephrotic Syndrome. If there is someone around you experiencing this disease, you can email his or her test report or medical case description to or We are glad to help.

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