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Treatment Options for Nephrotic Syndrome Other Than Steroid Treatment

Treatment Options for Nephrotic Syndrome Other Than Steroid TreatmentNephrotic Syndrome affects many people especially children’s health. To make Nephrotic Syndrome and patients’ proteinuria under control, steroid treatment is often used. However, faced by a host of side effects, patients must hope to accept alternative treatment options. Well then, are there therapies for Nephrotic Syndrome other than steroid treatment?

Steroid treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome

Steroid is used to treat kidney disease mainly with its anti-inflammatory function. It can reduce the leakage of acute inflammatory factors, the deposit of fibrous protein and the permeability of capillaries, so as to decline protein leakage.

Generally, its applied principle and plan is that patients are recommended to take oral steroid like prednison for 8 weeks, and it can extend to 12 weeks if necessary. Then, the dosage reduces gradually. Finally, a small dosage of steroid is used for several months or half of a year, in order to prevent the recurrence of Nephrotic Syndrome and reduce side effects of steroid.

However, a part of patients don’t respond to steroid, while most patients suffer the pain of its side effects such as infections, weight gain, growth problems, bone disease, moon face, and so on.

Alternative treatment options to steroid for Nephrotic Syndrome

To make children with Nephrotic Syndrome grow normally, we would like to recommend more systemic and natural remedies. One is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and the other is Immunotherapy.

Both of these two therapies can help restore glomerular filtering structure, alleviate protein leakage and avoid the side effects of steroid treatment. In recent years, a lot of children with Nephrotic Syndrome have got obvious remission with the help of these two therapies. However, this doesn’t mean all NS patients are candidates to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or Immunotherapy.

If you are interested about these natural remedies, you can send the patient’s test report or illness description to or the message board below. Kidney experts here can tell you the best treatment option for the patient.

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