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Is Prednisone the Good Choice for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Is Prednisone the Good Choice for Nephrotic Syndrome PatientsFor people with Nephrotic Syndrome, they are no strangers to steroid medications like prednisone, however, is prednisone the good choice for patients with this disorder?

Nephrotic syndrome is not a single disease and it is mainly characterized by increased permeability of glomerular basement membrane and decreased glomerular filtration rate. As the disorder progresses, symptoms like edema, massive proteinuria, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidemia.

Is prednisone the good choice for nephrotic syndrome patients?

In Western medicine, prednisone is commonly prescribed by the doctors to prevent or reduce excessive inflammatory reaction(for instance, protein in urine). Under certain circumstances, the efficacy can be obvious. However, patients are not suggested to change the dosage at random. What’s worse, if people take prednisone for a long time, they are more susceptible to infections as the immune system become weak. Thereby, this medicine may not be a good choice for people with nephrotic syndrome.

Is there a secondary choice?

To achieve a better therapeutic effect, it is essential to find an effective treatment early. Here, Immunotherapy is strongly recommended.

It also known as biotherapy, which can be applied to correct the abnormal immune system and improve kidney function. Mostly, this remedy consists of six procedures, an accurate immune diagnosis, immune blocking, immune clearance, immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection.

And the core of this therapy is to get advanced technology, Western medicine and special Chinese medicine like Mai Kang He Ji, etc involved to repair the the damaged renal cells and reinforce Qi and nourish blood. According to the specific condition, a personalized treatment plan can be formulated by our experts here. If you have interest in this, please email us Then we will contact you within 48 hours.

Prednisone may be beneficial for nephrotic syndrome patients, however, this drug alone is not enough. Any queries about the aforementioned treatment, let us know immediately. Wish you a good day!

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