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Acupuncture for Minimal Change Disease

Acupuncture for Minimal Change DiseaseMinimal Change Disease (MCD) is one common cause of Nephrotic Syndrome, so patients usually have swelling, proteinuria and some other symptoms. In this case, acupuncture indeed can do something to treat minimal change disease.

Under light microscope, MCD patients’ glomeruli usually present normal, while foot process in glomerular epithelial cells disappears under electron microscope is the typical change of MCD. Then, patients begin to have various symptoms including decline of glomerular filtration rate, swelling, proteinuria, infections, hematuria, etc.

Acupuncture is one natural treatment that has been used maturely to treat various diseases. For people with minimal change disease, acupuncture can produce the following therapeutic effects.

1. Alleviate proteinuria: Proteinuria is one sign of damage to glomerular charge barrier. Acupuncture is able to reduce the pressure on blood vessels so as to prevent protein leakage and ease proteinuria. This can protect the remaining kidney function level.

2. Boost immunity: To treat MCD, doctors usually prescribe some steroids or immunosuppressants. The use of these medications and protein leakage may lead to low immunity directly, so MCD patients are at a high risk of upper respiratory infections or other infections. From this point, acupuncture is able to protect them from infections.

3. Regulate internal environment: The onset of minimal change disease has a close link with immune disorder and blood circulation disorder. Acupuncture is one auxiliary treatment that can help regulate immune system and blood circulation.

4. Protect remaining kidney function: Through providing a stable internal environment and increasing the blood flow into kidneys, it is able to protect remaining kidney functioning tissues from further damage.

Even though acupuncture can be used to help treat minimal change disease, it doesn’t mean it can replace the main medical treatment for MCD. Some other treatments are also needed to reverse kidney damage, when patients use acupuncture. Try to develop a best treatment plan with doctor’s guidance.

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