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Antibiotics Suitable for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Antibiotics Suitable for Nephrotic Syndrome PatientsWith the progress of Nephrotic Syndrome, patients are more likely to be at a high risk of infections. Once this happens, antibiotics may be taken as the early treatment of infections. Here, we can’t help asking what antibiotics are suitable for Nephrotic Syndrome patients?

The answer is based on the causes of infections for Nephrotic Syndrome patients.

As we seen, Nephrotic Syndrome patients usually have obvious proteinuria and swelling. The large amount of immunoglobulins, one specific protein, leak from the blood that can result in the increased susceptibility of patients to infections. Besides, swelling describes too much fluid retention in some regions which usually become the breeding ground of bacterial or viral infections.

Then, find out your infections result from bacterial or viral infections.

In clinic, antibiotics work only when infections are caused by bacteria. For patients with Nephrotic Syndrome, bacterial infections occur more commonly than viral infections. If you haven’t make clear the cause, consult your doctor or Doctor online.

Lastly, know antibiotics suitable for Nephrotic Syndrome patients.

Once the person is diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, it means his kidneys are damaged to some extent. According to different excretory ways, antibiotics are divided into two kinds: antibiotics excreted by liver and others excreted by kidneys. For kidney patients, we prefer to recommend the former kind of antibiotics, because it has less renal toxicity and doesn’t increase too much burden on kidneys. For example, chloramphenicol is just one antibiotic excreted by liver, while penicillin and cefoxitin are excreted by kidneys.

Now, we have known which kind of antibiotics are suitable and safe for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, but the detailed medicine should be prescribed according to infectious agent. Make an Appointment with doctor online, so they can prescribe correct antibiotics after analyzing your case.

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