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Nephrotic Syndrome: Alternative Treatment to Prednisolone for 2.5 Year-old Child

Q: My child age 2.5 years was diagnosed nephrotic syndrome. He has been prescribed prednisolone for 2 & half months now what should be final treatment for this.

A: You left message to us about your child's health condition, he has nephrotic syndrome. From your message, I suspect that his condition should be minimal change disease. This is an autoimmune disease, that is his immunity is too low and his internal immune network could not protect those harmful foreign body. This can happen especially after a strep infection.

I can give you an example, one country do not have strong army, when enemy invade, these limited warriors will spare no efforts to fight against with those enemy. At last, they kill some enemy but these warriors also died. When there is other enemy coming, there is no force to protect the country. Similarly, the internal immune network just like the warriors of the body, whenever foreign body invade, there will be antibodies to fight against them. In this course, many immune complex can be produced and they can enter into blood circulation and deposit in kidney, causing inflammation over there. Patients can have proteinuria, swelling, fever, in early stage, with the aggravation of renal inflammation, kidney function can decline further, creatinine can increase. More symptoms can appear.

Steroids drugs can restrain inflammation in kidney but it could not solve the problem from the root. If patient stop or decrease the dosage, withdrawal syndrome can happen. If patient take steroids for long especially for child, they will have growth retard and other health problem.

The alternative treatment to Prednisolone is suggested to give a comprehensive management for Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome. So a combined therapy may will be a better choice that single treatment. One or more of the following options may be needed: osmotherapy, immunotherapy, medicated bath, foot bath and other conservative treatment.

If possible, you can tell me more about his present condition, so we can better understand his condition. This is just a simple analysis as no more details of you 2.5 year-old baby are offered. For any further info or follow up, please email to

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