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Nephrotic Syndrome with Severe Protein Loss and Swelling

Q: I suffer Nephrotic Syndrome and I am a male 57 years old and got diagnosis about four years ago very foam very foam. I also suffer from swellings. I believe more than 3 grams a day. I have high blood pressure for many years. My friend talks renal biopsy with me, is it a good choice for me? Can you help me?

A: You mentioned that you have the protein leakage more than 3g everyday, it is really serious.

Swelling has relationship with the protein leakage, so control the protein in urine is an important thing now.

You mentioned about biopsy, I do not suggest you do that, for it will also affects the kidney functions.

Since you have high blood pressure some years ago and the high blood pressure haven't been well controlled, I think it is the main cause of your Kidney Disease.

High blood pressure can increase blood perfusion in kidney; however, our kidneys have a very special self-adjustment function. That is, it can shrink afferent arteriole to reduce the blood perfusion. Kidney is to cleanse blood, and this filtration can be only conducted under a certain pressure. Now to keep this pressure, efferent arteriole can also shrink.

In short time, it will not cause obvious impairment, however, after 5years later, renal tubular can have problem; due to short supply of blood, they become shrinked. Renal tubular and interstitium are the main structure of kidney, therefore, when they begin to atrophy, the whole kidney shrink.

Besides, high blood pressure can impair blood vessels and cause abnormal immune reaction over there. In this case, massive immune complex can be produced and deposit in kidney, causing further impairment to filtration membrane and other functional cells, that is why some patient with kidney disease would have proteinuria, high creatinine, high PTH, RBP, HCY, IL-6, hematuria, itchy skin, swelling, low hemoglobin etc.

Therefore, some tests can help you know the reason of your Nephrotic Syndrome.

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