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What can Proteinuria Bring to Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Proteinuria can be a common symptom of Nephrotic Syndrome, and its control can influence the development of the disease to some extent. If proteinuria is not controlled well, there is no doubt there are some consequences proteinuria can cause to Nephropathy Syndrome patients:

1.Weak and fatigue

Protein can constitute enzyme with catalysis and regulating function, Our body has thousands of enzymes and each kind can only participate in one kind of biochemical reaction. If the relevant enzymes are adequate, the biochemical reaction in the body will proceed quickly and smoothly, and the result is that we will be full of energy. Now proteinuria can make the biochemical reaction slow, and Nephrotic Syndrome patients feel fatigue and weak.

2.Kidney will be in a state of hypoxic-ischemic

Protein can maintain the normal metabolism of body and all kinds of materials' transport. The carrier protein plays a very important role in maintaining of normal life activities, it can carry all kinds of substances in the body, like plasma protein carrying oxygen. The ischemia and anoxic progress of kidney is speeding up, that is because the loss of protein takes the oxygen that kidney needs away.

3.Kidney can not be repaired

There are no tissues and organs that don’t contain protein. Meanwhile, all kinds of histiocytic protein update all the time, and the damaged body needs protein to be the repairing materials. Now the loss of a great number of protein make it difficult to repair the kidney damage, so eliminating proteinuria for Nephrotic Syndrome is very important.

4.Immunity of body declines

The immune system consists of immune cells and immune protein, including antibody, white blood cell, lymphocyte, interferon, macrophage and so on. The immune system will be very strong if there are adequate proteins, otherwise, the immune system will become weak. That is the reason why most of patients with Nephrotic Syndrome have a low immunity.

In clinical, Nephrotic Syndrome patients are usually treated by steroid drugs or immunosuppressive agents to eliminate proteinuria. While different types of Nephrotic Syndrome have different responds to these medicines. Kidney disease experts do believe repairing kidney damage and enhancing kidney function are the best way to eliminate proteinuria. What is your type of Nephrotic Syndrome? Tell us more about your condition.

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