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Face Swelling and Proteinuria 4+ for Nephrotic Syndrome

Face Swelling and Proteinuria 4+ for Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome is one disease resulted from glomerular disorder. Face swelling and proteinuria 4+ are typical symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome. If uncontrolled timely, they may induce further kidney damage and worsen patients’ overall health condition easily.

Face swelling is due to fluid retention in the body, while proteinuria 4+ means a lot of protein leaks from kidneys into urine. In fact, both fluid retention and protein leakage are caused by impaired glomerular filtration membrane. From this point, patients can take several methods to ease patients’ face swelling and proteinuria 4+.

1. Limit the intake of fluid and sodium: Since swelling is attributed to fluid retention, patients with Nephrotic Syndrome are suggested to drink less water. Sodium is one mineral to cause more fluid to collect in the body, so it is necessary for NS patients to follow low-sodium diet plan.

2. Elevate patients’ head when sleeping: Elevating patients’ head can prevent fluid from retaining in the affected area, so patients with face swelling had better elevate their head when sleeping.

3. Follow a low-protein diet plan: In order to reduce the burden on kidneys, patients with Nephrotic Syndrome are suggested to limit their protein intake. Besides, patients should make sure at least half of protein supplement should come from high-quality protein.

4. Take correct medicines: Some medicines in clinic are used to ease patients’ swelling and proteinuria. For example, ACEI, ARBs, diuretics, and so on, can help ease patients’ swelling, while steroids, ACEI, ARBs, and on on, can help reduce protein leakage.

5. Accept kidney repairing therapies: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy and Clear Blood Pollution Therapy can help treat Nephrotic Syndrome from the root.

To get a personal diet plan, you can consult the doctor online or leave a message to We are glad to help you in detail.

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