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How to Bring Down Swelling from Legs and Abdomen with Nephrotic Syndrome

Swelling in legs and abdomenPatients with Nephrotic Syndrome often have swelling, and legs and abdomen are involved in swelling easily. If you have this problem, you must want to bring down your swelling and improve your overall health condition effectively.

Swelling in legs and abdomen

Nephrotic Syndrome occurs when glomeruli are unable to filter blood normally. This causes extra fluid to retain in the body and protein to leak out of the body. A large amount of protein leakage can lead to low plasma colloid osmotic pressure that leads fluid to collect in tissue space.

When extra fluid retains in legs and abdomen, patients will find swelling appears in these regions of the body. For Nephrotic Syndrome patients, swelling in legs and abdomen is usually due to a large amount of protein leakage.

How to bring down swelling for Nephrotic Syndrome patients?

Based on the causes of swelling, kidney experts here would like to recommend several suggestions. (To get individual suggestions, you can email to or

- Control the intake of fluid and sodium. This can help reduce fluid retention in the body and ease patients’ swelling. A low-sodium diet plan requires patients to take in about 2,000~3,000 mg of sodium every day.

- Elevate the swollen regions. Do this regularly can prevent fluid from collecting in legs and abdomen effectively. Besides, it is easy to handle.

- Manage protein leakage timely. In clinic, many medicines can help reduce protein leakage such as ACEI, ARBs, prednisone, Cellcept, etc. Correct medicines can reduce protein leakage quickly and obviously. Remember to take correct medicines.

- Treat Nephrotic Syndrome from the root. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one treatment that can fix kidney filtering structure and repair damaged glomeruli, and it focuses on recovering kidney function. Once kidneys can filter blood normally, patients’ swelling in legs and abdomen can disappear naturally.

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