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Moonface for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Moonface for Nephrotic Syndrome PatientsNephrotic Syndrome is one disease that affects many children. With this disease, patients may have moonface. Why do Nephrotic Syndrome patients have this problem? How to treat this problem?

Why do patients with Nephrotic Syndrome have moonface?

This type of kidney disease is usually characterized by severe swelling and heavy proteinuria. To manage these problems and treat Nephrotic Syndrome, patients are more likely to take steroids.

This medicine can inhibit helpful nutritions from leaking out of the body through weakening immune system. However, when this medicine helps manage Nephrotic Syndrome and ease patients’ symptoms, it may cause some side effects easily. Moonface is just one common side effect of steroids.

In addition to moonface, steroids may also cause slow growth, high risk of infections, osteoporosis, obesity, eye disease, swelling, low potassium level, and so on.

How to ease these patients’ moonface?

If patients have moonface, they have better choose some alternative therapies to steroids for preventing steroid side effects.

Is there such therapy? Fortunately, the answer is yes. According to the characteristics of Nephrotic Syndrome, we would like to recommend Micro-Chinese Hot Compress Therapy.

Hot Compression has been used for thousands of years to treat various kidney disorders, because it can improve blood circulation all over the body especially the kidney. However, the therapeutic effects of traditional hot compression are limited, and it can’t treat NS very effectively.

Micro-Chinese Hot Compress Therapy absorbs the advantages of Chinese medicines. This therapy uses some Chinese medicines that can combine, split and dissolve immune complexes from the body, repair damaged kidney cells and rebuild kidney filtering structure. When kidneys can do their work normally, patients don’t need to take steroids any more. Then, their moonface will be eased from the root.

Along with medical therapy, patients also need to follow a healthy diet plan and lifestyle.

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