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Is There Any Link Between Asthma and Nephrotic Syndrome

Is There Any Link Between Asthma and Nephrotic SyndromeBoth asthma and Nephrotic Syndrome commonly appear among children, so it is not rare that these two chronic diseases coexist in the same person. Is there any link between Nephrotic Syndrome and asthma?

In some cases, kidney experts think it is just one coincidence.

Asthma commonly occurs among the children who are exposed to tobacco, have low birth weight, grow in a low-income environment, have allergic reactions, strong emotion and stress, respiratory infections, and so on. Boys are usually at the higher risk of asthma than girls, but this trend is reversed during adulthood. Most often, affected patients present the first symptom in about 5 years old.

Nephrotic Syndrome can also happen in both children and adult, but much more commonly in children. According to the causes, Nephrotic Syndrome can be divided into primary NS and secondary NS. MCD, FSGS, Membrane Nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy, purpura nephritis, and so on, all can be the causes of Nephrotic Syndrome.

From the above analysis, we can know it is entirely possible that these two chronic diseases occur without any link.

In some other cases, Nephrotic Syndrome indeed can induce asthma?

From the above content, we can know asthma may caused by respiratory infections and strong emotion and stress, both of which are common complications of Nephrotic Syndrome. Therefore, the onset of Nephrotic Syndrome can increase the risk of asthma. Additionally, in order to control the progress of Nephrotic Syndrome, patients need to take some medications including beta blockers, aspirin, etc, which can also induce asthma. In this case, asthma and Nephrotic Syndrome has a close link.

As introduced by doctors, both Nephrotic Syndrome and asthma are serious conditions. If uncontrolled effectively, they may cause more severe complications easily. Therefore, patients should ask help online to control these problems timely.

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