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What Are the Nephrotic Syndrome Complications

Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disease with a group of symptoms and complications. As nephrotic syndrome complications develops, the patient’s life will be disturb a lot.

Here are the common complications for you and hope you can prevent them successfully.

- osteomalacia and osteitis fibrosis cystica. With nephrotic syndrome developing, the vitamin D-binding protein and its complexes leak into urine increase the risk of this complications, through a combination of calciummalabsorption and secondary hyperparathyroidism.

- blood clots. Proteinuria should be responsible for this complication for protein has the ability to prevent clotting in the blood. Protein in urine is an outstanding symptom of nephrotic syndrome. Blood clots may increase the risk of shock, myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism etc.

- Infections. A large quantity of immunoglobulin loses in urine when Nephrotic Syndrome occurs. Plasma proteins are also affected accordingly. It turns out that the formation of antibody becomes a big problem, which contributes to low immunity. To make things worse, the application of steroids and cytotoxic drugs is no good to immune system.

- Chronic kidney disease. CKD may occur as a result of an underlying cause, such as amyloidosis or diabetes.

- Acute Kidney Failure. This complication rare happens, but excessive ddiuresis, sepsis, renal vein thrombosis, interstitial nephritis due to use of diuretics or NSAIDs may trigger acute kidney failure.

For many patients, Nephrotic Syndrome itself may not the largest risk for their life, severe complications may affect their life more and even some of them die of the complications and not the kidney disease itself.

Good news is most complications can be prevented with diet management and natural remedies. And early treatment may reverse your complications of Nephrotic Syndrome. If you want more info about prevention and treatment on nephrotic syndrome complications, leave your message below will help us find your request.

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