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Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Eat Mushroom

Nephrotic Syndrome,mushroomNephrotic Syndrome means that your kidneys fail to remove the waste product from your blood. And most the waste products result from the foods that you eat. Can nephrotic syndrome patient eat mushroom?

I am afraid the answer may be not. The reasons are as follows:

- Mushroom contains rich potassium. When kidneys don’t work well, extra potassium will build up in the blood, causing hyperkalemia. It may cause some symptoms, such as stiff tongue, chest pain, fatigue etc.

- Mushroom is rich in protein. For people with Kidney Disease, the damaged kidneys cannot work well to remove the metabolic of protein food. Much intake of protein can increase the kidneys’ burden, so kidney disease patients are suggested to have low-protein diet.

- Mushroom contains heavy metals. In some type of mushroom, the heavy metal may reach up a very high level. Unfortunately, the damaged kidneys may not excrete those heavy metals. What would happen? They may gather together in renal tubules; in serious cases, renal tubular necrosis may attack.

For people with Nephrotic Syndrome, they are suggested to take a special diet that is based on their own conditions. You may need to make these changes part of your daily routine. Here are some suggestions which may be helpful for you.

- Ask your caregiver, a dietitian, or a nutritionist any questions you may have about your diet plan. A dietitian or nutritionist works with you to find the right diet plan for you.

- Choose a variety of items on this diet to avoid getting tired of having the same items every day. Keep a list of items allowed on this diet in your kitchen to remind you about the diet.

- Carry a list of items allowed on this diet to remind you about the diet when you are away from home. Tell your family or friends about this diet so that they can remind you about the diet.

What kind of mushroom do you like best? Is it in the limited or avoided food list for Nephrotic Syndrome? Share your experience with us! We are glad to hear and help!

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