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Can I Get Pregnant with Nephrotic Syndrome

 Pregnant To be a mother is a not difficult thing for most ordinary ladies. However, it is not a easy dream for female with nephrotic syndrome. Can I get pregnant with nephrotic syndrome? It depends on your personal conditions. However, as long as you can control your conditions stable, it is still a good chance for you to give birth to a healthy baby.

Can I Get Pregnant with Nephrotic Syndrome?

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kind of Chronic Kidney Disease which has a long course and is difficult to treat. It can do harm to the pregnant women and the unborn babies, and on the contrary, pregnancy can aggravate the original Nephrotic Syndrome, therefore, it is recommended by doctors that the female Nephrotic Syndrome patients had better not get pregnant.

However, it does not mean that there is no chance for women with Nephrotic Syndrome to have a baby. So long as they can meet the following conditions, they still can be pregnant under the guidance of their doctors:

- When their renal function is normal

- When their condition has been stable for more than two years, and in this period, there is no blood in the urine and the urine protein is less than 0.5 g per day

- When they do not have Hypertension, and urinary tract infection

Are you still struggling to get pregnant with Nephrotic Syndrome? Are you still frustrated or feeling for not being able to conceive despite all your efforts? I am afraid that is the common feelings for the lady failed to pregnant with nephrotic syndrome.

However, most successful cases tell you that you can become a mother even with nephrotic syndrome. As mentioned above, as long as you are out of the not-allowed conditions, you will develop a chance to get pregnant.

Here, Chinese Herbal Medicine is suggested, because it helps alleviate the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, repair the kidney damages and improve kidney function. This increases the chance to get pregnant.

I will give you an example, Rina, from America, has battled with nephrotic syndrome for 5 years until she had tried Chinese herbal medicine. And now she is a mother of two daughters. If you need listen more of her story, you can leave a message below or mail to

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