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Does Nephrotic Syndrome Stop Conception and Pregnancy

Does Nephrotic Syndrome Stop Conception and PregnancyDoes Nephrotic Syndrome stop conception and pregnancy? Because Nephrotic Syndrome is commonly seen in women of childbearing age, they quite concern whether they can still have a baby. Do you know the answer? If not, follow me to find the answer now.

Nephrotic Syndrome and pregnancy

In principle, we suggest Nephrotic Syndrome patients not to get pregnant before or during the treatment, in order to avoid unnecessary risks. For Nephrotic Syndrome patients, pregnancy can cause a big burden on the kidney, leading to the aggravation of proteinuria. Besides, nutrition is very important for these women. If uncontrolled effectively, they will be at a high risk of hypoproteinemia, swelling, low immunity, infections, high blood fat and thrombus. In conclusion, it is dangerous for the mother and fetus to get pregnant before Nephrotic Syndrome is treated completely.

Does these women still have a chance of conception and pregnancy?

Fortunately, the answer is yes, because Nephrotic Syndrome patients can get complete remission in clinic if treated timely and correctly. Doctors from the largest kidney disease hospital in China tell us that the success rate of getting pregnant can reach more than 95% for Nephrotic Syndrome female patients with normal blood pressure and kidney function. This proves that these patients still have a chance to own a baby. Therefore, the key is to remit their Nephrotic Syndrome thoroughly.

How to achieve this goal?

As Nephrotic Syndrome is due to the abnormal changes of glomeruli, the treatment should be able to fix these kidney filters. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one externally applied therapy. After micronized, the effective ingredients of herbal medicines can permeate into kidney lesions via the kidney area that can repair damaged glomeruli directly. At the same time, patients’ proteinuria, high blood pressure, swelling, and various symptoms can be managed very well. Once these therapeutic effects work, these female patients can get pregnant safely.

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