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The Chance of Pregnancy for People with Nephrotic Syndrome

Q: I have nephrotic syndrome. Since 2 years. But now, I am 23 years old. I drank prednisolone, and cycloheximide (one chance). I will hope marry in this year. And what are the chance of the pregnancy to me?

A: thanks for your inquiry. People with nephrotic syndrome have the ability of pregnancy, however as hormone changes in affected women, it makes the pregnancy less likely. You are 23 years old. You are very young and this makes you have a higher chance than those of older age. But, young age is not the basis to suggest you to have a baby.

As the info you offer is limited, I only can give you some general info about the pregnancy chance of people with nephrotic syndrome. For people who wants to have a baby, they’d better following the both following 3 conditions:

- stable and relatively high kidney functions. If you are in an advanced kidney stage, such as Kidney Failure caused by nephrotic syndrome, pregnancy will be a risk to both mother and fetus. Patients are suggested to take the treatments to improve kidney functions, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and keep the kidney function in a stable level.

- no severe complications and symptoms. Proteinuria, high blood pressure and heart failure may follow the patient with nephrotic syndrome. Each of them will lead to risk higher to bother moth and baby.

- drug withdrawal for 2 years at least. You are taking prednisolone and cycloheximide now. To increase the chance of pregnancy, you are suggested to consider this plan after you are not need these medicine for at least 2 years. As it is known, chemical medicines show adverse effect, it may affect the fetus.

As for your current conditions, I do suggest you to take effective treatment to improve your kidney function firstly and alleviate your symptoms and complications. Before you plan to have a baby, remember talk with your doctor firstly. A further medical examination will help you prepare well for a successful pregnancy.

Also, I have to tell you the risk for Nephrotic Syndrome women in pregnancy is greater than normal in both mother and fetus. The chance of carrying a baby a full nine months is low. Some women have had babies after a successful transplant, but women need to carefully discuss the timing and risks.

If you are considering having a baby, leaving your medical report below, our experts will help you decide what the best plan is for your family and treatment.

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