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Nephrotic Syndrome in Children: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment

Nephrotic syndrome in children is a combination of protein in urine, edema and lower blood protein which happens in children. Knowing its basic info of case, symptoms and treatment help offer a better outcome.


The kidneys are two fist fist-sized organs that locate in the lower back. They work to filter the blood and remove the excessive fluid and waste products from the blood. However, when kidney damage occurs, kidneys may fail to hold the useful things, such as blood cells and protein, and instead, they may remove them out of the body, causing protein loss in the urine.

Protein in Urine, in country, may cause edema, because protein has the ability to lock the water. Protein loss will make the fluids flow to the tissues, causing edema.

According to the experts from Kidney Service China, the children who are at age of 1.5~5 are at higher risk to develop Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome. And girls has a double chance than boys.


As mentioned above, the symptom of childhood nephrotic syndrome is a collection of some symptoms. They are include:

- proteinuria: protein amount in urine is higher than the normal range.

- edema: you may see swelling happens in face, legs, feet in sufferers

- high cholesterol levels: low levels of protein in the blood stimulate the body to overproduce certain kinds of blood fats

- hypoalbuminemia—low levels of protein in your child’s blood, since it’s being passed out of his body in his urine


The treatment to Nephrotic Syndrome aims at repairing the damaged kidneys and alleviate the symptoms.

- Steroid Therapy. Cyclophosphamide is a cytotoxic drug that is given in small doses for 8 to12 weeks ; Levamisole is taken on alternate days helps prevent relapses in some children; Ciclosporin is an immunosuppressive drug taken twice a day.

- Immunotherpay. Nephrotic Syndrome is an immune-related kidney disease. Immunotherapy help repair the damaged immune system and use the new immune system to fight off the disease. It aims at the root cause, thereby, it reduces the possibility of relapse in Children.

- Chinese Herbal Medicine. This therapy helps repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function naturally. As all herbs are from natural plants, there is rare side effects during this therapy. This means a lot for children’s future development. All herbal formular differs from person to person. The herbalist needs to know a clear info about your children’s condition, before any herbs are prescript.

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