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Nephritis basics

Our Approach

We have the world's leading professional hospitals in treating Kidney Disease. The experts can customize care plan based on your own illness conditions and different stages of the diseases to ensure you receive the most advanced treatment with the least impact on your body.


Nephritis refers to the inflammation of blood filters in kidneys. Once the filters are impaired, they will not able to excrete the

metabolic products and keep the nutrients in body. The causes of nephritis in children and adults may have a mild difference.

Streptococcus bacteria infection is a common cause of nephritis, especially in children. Once the bacteria affect your body, it will lead to an immune reaction which damage the blood filters in kidneys.

In some cases, the systemic disorders may involve kidneys and lead to nephritis such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), purpura (an inflammation of the blood vessels caused by abnormal immune response), vasculitis etc.

In addition, long-term use of medications such as aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs and medicines for pain relief etc can cause renal interstitium thus resulting in interstitial


There are various categories of nephritis. Based on its causes, it can be divided into primary and secondary nephritis. According to the disease developing speed, Nephritis consists of Acute and Chronic nephritis. Nephritis is a kind of immune-medicated inflammatory reaction which can cause different parts of glomeruli thus leading to various kinds of pathological categories, mainly including

1. Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis( MsPGN)

2. Membranous nephritis( MN)

3. Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis( FSGS)

4. Membrano-proliferative glomerulonephritis( MPGN)

5. Minimal change disease( MCD)


If you want to prevent nephritis, you should avoid the triggers that can cause such a problem to occur. The following factors or diseases can increase your risk of developing the disease.

1. Streptococcus bacteria infection is one of the most causes of nephritis. So you need avoid getting strep throat and avoid people who have the disease. Once you are diagnosed with the disease, you should cure it as early as possible.

2. Since nephritis can also be attributed to other diseases such as lupus, purpura, hepatitis etc, you should control the primary diseases to prevent it from impairing kidneys.

3. You should live a healthy life and keep regular exercise and proper dietary habits.

4. You should drink a lot of water. It can help you discharge the wastes products and reduce your risk of developing infections which may lead to nephritis.

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