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Can Certain Herbs Heal Kidney Nephritis

Can Certain Herbs Heal Kidney NephritisNephritis refers to the inflammation of the kidneys. Our kidneys function to filter out wastes and extra fluid from the body. If the kidneys become swollen, their abilities to function adequately are impaired. As the result, excess water and waste will build up in the blood stream; protein and blood may be spilled in the urine. Can certain herbs heal kidney Nephritis?

Below are the herbs that are found effective in the treatment of Nephritis naturally:

Traditional Chinese Medicine. The combination as below is very effective in treating the disease - cooked rehmannia root, astragalus root, cornus fruit, moutan bark, water plantain rhizome and wild yam root. Cordyceps mushroom, rhubarb root and salvia root are also useful for this ailment.

Uva ursi. This herb is astringent and can be used to treat the kidneys. It can be found as a tea, a tincture or capsule.

Astragalus. It is helpful to treat protein and blood in urine. This herb also improves the GFR or kidney function. Rehmannia root can be combined with astragalus for an even more effective remedy for this disease.

Nettle seed tincture is another herb that can be used to treat this Kidney Disease.

▪ Other herbs helpful in treating Nephritis also include flax, myrrh, pipsissewa, salvia root, etc.

Always keep in mind that contact your doctor before starting any herbal remedy. Our kidney doctor is also available online to offer you free helpful advice regarding herbs for Nephritis. Feel free to chat with them if you would like to know which herbs are the best choice for your condition.

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