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Hot Compress Therapy for Glomerulonephritis with Proteinuria

Hot Compress Therapy for Glomerulonephritis with ProteinuriaGlomerulonephritis is characterized by proteinuria, hematuria, swelling and high blood pressure. Among them, proteinuria may present foamy urine. Hot Compress Therapy, one obbligato part of TCM, can help deal with glomerulonephritis and proteinuria.

In western medicine, chronic glomerulonephritis is thought to be a kidney disorder difficult to treat. Therefore, medicines doctor prescribes mainly focus on managing patients’ symptoms including proteinuria, swelling, high blood pressure and so one. However, all of these medicines are unable to stop glomerulonephritis from aggravating into kidney failure.

Different from western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) focuses on reversing glomerular damage. As introduced by doctors of TCM, there is corresponding acupoint on the skin for every organ, and the bilateral Shenshu acupoints (BL23) are corresponding to two kidneys. Hot Compress Therapy is based on this theory that makes effective ingredients of medicines permeated into kidneys via skin directly.

Hot Compress Therapy treats glomerulonephritis with proteinuria via the following aspects:

1. Expand blood vessels: This therapy can help increase the blood circulation especially in kidney areas. Then, more blood can flow into kidney lesions directly, so as to provide more blood and nutritions for damaged glomerular cells.

2. Fix impaired glomerular filtration membrane: This therapy can help increase the self-curative ability of impaired cells. After getting enough blood and oxygen and having high self-curative ability, these cells can recover to work gradually. Once glomeruli play their filtration function normally, protein in urine will reduce normally.

3. Regulate the inner body system: Many Chinese medicines have the effects of regulating the inner body system. With the help of correct medicines, glomerulonephritis patients can prevent the relapse of their kidney disease and proteinuria fundamentally.

From the above analysis, we can know Hot Compress Therapy indeed can do a lot for treating glomerulonephritis patients with proteinuria. If you still have anything unclear, you can consult our doctor online directly or leave a message below.

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