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Nephritis Caused by Omeprazole: Symptoms and Treatment

Nephritis can be caused by many triggers, such as autoimmunity, chronic infection and medicine. Omeprazole is used in digestive disease, which may cause nephritis rarely.

Omeprazole-related Nephritis

Kidney damage is a rare complication of treatment with omeprazole. The first case of omeprazole-related nephritis was established in 1992. While omeprazole was being monitored on the Intensive Medicines Monitoring Programme (IMMP), 2 reports of interstitial nephritis were received from a total cohort of 22,050 patients. There were several other reports of renal failure.


Omeprazole-related nephritis is difficult to diagnose for it is non-specific symptoms. Many people may live with it for many years without any recognition. For a final diagnosis, biochemical Test is necessary.

If you happen to be a person with nephritis caused by omeprazole, you may undergo one or more of the following symptoms.

- fever

- nausea

- rash

- malaise

- eosinophilia

- lethargy

- weight loss

If you are not sure whether this disease attacks you or not, you can email to for free help from our experts.


As the name implies, omeprazole-related nephritis is caused by medicine. Thereby, omeprazole withdrawal is always the first step of the treatment. Initial recovery after omeprazole was withdrawn was usually rapid over a few days although full recovery of renal function took up to 2 to 3 months, and even longer in rare cases.

To improve the outcome, Steroids Therapy and Chinese Herbal Medicine may be involved during the following 2~3 months or even long duration. Steroids therapy helps alleviate the symptoms while Chinese Herbal Medicine can repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions naturally.

Nephritis can be caused not only the kidney infections and disease. Drug abuse and unhealthy living habits may also be a trigger. Thereby, you are suggested to live a healthy life and talk with your doctor before taking any medicine. Even herbs are natural enough, but some herbs are believed toxic to kidneys. Thereby, check with Chinese herbalist before you try the natural therapy.

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