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Weak Bone Caused By Nephritis

Weak Bone Caused By NephritisPatients with nephritis will have many obvious symptoms, especially for patients in the late stage. While some patients may find their bones are weak, and it is necessary for nephritis patients to have a better understanding about this aspect.


Weak bone caused by nephritis progresses slowly, and patients often find symptoms when it has already progressed into the late stage. The major symptoms of weak bone are hieralgia, fracture, bone deformation. Patients may have bone pain around their body, which may make patients can not walk well, and it may be hard for them to get up. While fracture often appears in the rib, and the vertebra, pelvis, thorax are the parts that are likely to have bone deformation.


Weak bone often appears in the late stage of nephritis, at which stage patients’ kidney function is damaged severely.

A major cause of weak bone is the disorder in the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium. Patients with kidney disease often have hyperphosphatemia, which can cause the decrease of calcium in blood. while that can stimulate the parathyroid gland to excrete more hormone, and the parathyroid hormone can promote the bone calcium to be liberated into blood, so as to keep the balance of blood calcium. While calcium is an important ingredient of bone, as a result, patients are likely to have weak bone.

Besides, the metabolic disorder of vitamin D and metabolic acidosis are also the common reasons that can cause patients to have weak bone. Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in intestinal tract, while metabolic acidosis can damage the absorption of vitamin D, which has important function in calcium’s absorption.


If patients’ weak bone is caused the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium, patients should restrict their phosphorus intake and increase the calcium intake, which can correct the level of calcium and calcium in blood. Besides, patients can also take some phosphate binder, which can also reduce the blood phosphorus level.

If patients have hyperfunctioning of parathyroid gland, they can also choose to cut the parathyroid gland off, which is very useful in relieving patients’ condition.

These above are some basic points about weak bone, while different patients will have different condition, so they should take measures based on their situation. Besides, if you have any question, you can also contact us, and we must give you a detailed answer timely.

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