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Nephritis Symptoms

Protein in Urine? Be Careful of Glomerular Nephritis!

Acute glomerular nephritis is a kind of primary glomerular nephritis which has the clinical symptoms of acute nephritic syndrome. Generally speaking, it could be caused by streptococcus infection. Some...[Read More]

The Symptoms of Chronic Glomerular Nephritis

What is the symptoms of chronic glomerular nephritis? The symptoms are different because the differences of cause of disease and pathologic morphology. But the common symptoms are swelling, high blood ...[Read More]

Protein in Urine 3+ for Nephrotic Syndrome in 4 Years Old Child

Nephrotic Syndrome in 4 years old child is also known as childhood nephrotic syndrome, which is not a certain disease in itself; rather, it is a group of symptoms: Swelling, Proteinuria, Hyperlidemia, ...[Read More]

Does Glomerulonephritis Cause Some Skin Problems

Just like proteinuria and swelling, skin problems such as skin itching, skin rash and skin infections are often seen in glomerulonephritis patients. These annoying skin changes must affect not only pat...[Read More]

High Blood Pressure in Chronic Nephritis

High blood pressure is a common symptom in Chronic Nephritis patients. Well, what are the causes and treatments? To be honest, high blood pressure caused by chronic nephritis belongs to renal hypertens...[Read More]

Appropriate Treatment for Anemia in Chronic Nephritis

Anemia makes many Chronic Nephritis patients fatigue and feel tired all the time. Most often, anemia is accompanied by many other symptoms such as swelling, proteinuria and high blood pressure, and ane...[Read More]

How to Reduce High Blood Pressure for Nephritis Patients

Nephritis is one kidney disorder characterized by changes of kidney functioning tissues, and it can be caused by various conditions. For people with Chronic Nephritis, high blood pressure along with pr...[Read More]

Why Edema Occurs In Patient With Glomerular Nephritis

Edema is a common symptom in patient with glomerular nephritis, and about 90% glomerular nephritis patients will have this symptom. For patient who has mild edema, he may just have edema in his eyelids...[Read More]

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