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Diet and Nutrition Goals for Chronic Nephritis Patients

Diet and Nutrition Goals for Chronic Nephritis PatientsChronic Nephritis or glomerulonephritis is resulted from inflammation in kidney filters, called glomeruli. To reduce the burden on kidneys, patients need to follow a proper diet plan and make sure to achieve nutrition goals.

Here, we should emphasize there is no single renal diet that fits everyone with chronic nephritis because the individual diet plan should depend on the existing kidney function, body size, health history, lab test reports, and so on. (If you want to get a correct diet plan for yourself directly, you can consult the doctor online or email to

What are important nutrition goals for patients with Chronic Nephritis?

If uncontrolled effectively, chronic nephritis will progress into kidney failure gradually. Therefore, adhering to Nephritis nutrition goals should include the management of:

- Fluid retention or swelling

- Protein leakage

- High blood pressure

- Weight gain

- Buildup of waste products such as creatinine and urea

- The decline of kidney function

Which diet plan should Nephritis patients focus on?

1. Low-protein diet

On one hand, controlling the total intake of protein can help protect the existing kidney function. On the other hand, no less than half of protein intake should come from high-quality protein to decline the formation of waste products.

2. Low-sodium diet

The sodium recommendation for patients with glomerulonephritis is about 1,000 ~4,000 mg/day, but if patients have high blood pressure or swelling, they should limit their sodium intake to 1,500~2,000 mg every day.

3. Restricted fluid intake

As the above mentioned, inflamed glomeruli are unable to filter extra fluid normally. In this case, patients should limit their fluid intake to prevent sudden weight gain, shortness of breath, swelling and high blood pressure.

4. Eating more foods that can help protect kidneys

Foods rich in antioxidant and unsaturated fatty acids can help protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues, so patients should add these foods to their kidney-friendly diet plan. Red bell pepper, cabbage, berries, onion, fish oil, flax seed, and so on, are good choice.

Lastly, Chronic Nephritis patients should also pay attention to their potassium and phosphorus intake according to their illness condition. Always make sure your diet plan is best for your condition, if you have this problem.

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