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Nephritis Causes

There are more than one causes which contribute to nephritis. Read on and find them one by one.


An infections occurs when harmful bacteria or viruses enter the body. These germs can enter the body in a variety of ways: through touch, through the air we breathe or through our mouths. When an infection, like a cold or the flu, is not specific to one area, but affects your entire body, you may develop a fever. When it affects your kidneys, you may develop nephritis.


The most prevalent form of acute nephritis is glomerulonephritis. This condition affects children and teenagers far more often than it affects adults. To mose cases, if you have a family Nephritis history, you are more likely to develop this disease than others who have not.

IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is an immune-related Kidney Disease which is caused by the underlying IgA-immune disorder. In this condition, IgA builds up inside the small blood vessels of the kidney. Structures in the kidney called glomeruli become inflamed and damaged, causing Nephritis.

Lupus and Purpura

Lupus and purpura are leading causes for nephritis. Both of them are autoimmune damage and they usually causes a whole body damages. Kidneys are easily affected, causing nephritis, known as Lupus Nephritis and Purpura Nephritis.

Kidney Stone

Kidney stones refer to a formation of hardened minerals in the kidneys or urinary system, which usually block the urinary tract or ureter. Once the blockage is severe, the kidney becomes damaged as urine continues to be produced, but cannot flow out of the kidney. This condition, if cannot control well, will cause nephritis.

Besides, these causes, there are many other factors which are related to the nephritis, such as polyangiitis, nephredema, urinary tract infection etc. In addition, other organ problem may also induce kidney damage, such as heart and liver et. How many do you know about nephritis cause? What do you want to know about nephritis? Share us below!

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