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Medullary Sponge Kidney and Nephritis

Medullary Sponge kidney refers to a kidney damage in which tiny sacs called cysts from in the medulla-the inner part of kidney-creating a sponge-like appearance. Over time, it may develop into kidney inflammation causing nephritis.

Medullary Sponge Kidney and Nephritis

Medullary sponge kidney is a birth defect of the tubules-tiny tubes inside the kidneys. In normal condition, urine flows through these tubules as it it being formed.

In condition of MSK, tiny sacs called cysts from in the medulla-the inner part of the kidney-creating a sponge-like appearance.

As the cysts enlarge, they will affect the nearby kidney tissues, causing the inflammation and infection in the kidney tubules and glomeruli. Over years, the infection will cause scarrings and sclerosis in kidneys, which triggers nephritis and kidney function decline. Without a proper control, it may develop into Kidney Failure eventually.

How to treat nephritis caused by medullary sponge kidney?

To control the nephritis caused by medullar sponge kidney, treatment that can reverse the underlying kidney damage is necessary.

When nephritis occurs, there are 3 kinds of kidney cells: dead cells, damaged cells and normal cells. For dead cells, there is no cure to relive them. Thereby, the treatment should aim at the rest two kind of cells.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is suggested here for it can help prevent inflammation which will help protect the normal kidney cells from being infected.

In addition. Chines Herbal Medicine can use some specific herbs which can repair the damaged kidney cells by improving their self-cure ability.

As long as the normal renal cells can keep being not infected, the kidney function will stop declining. And meantime, damaged kidney cells recovery and this will help improve kidney function. As long as the kidney function can be improved, you have a great chance to live a better life and reverse the Nephritis.

However, all the herbs you need depends on your own condition. You must let your doctor to know more details, then he or she can find the proper herbs for you. And you can expect a reverse to your nephritis. Share your story with us and let’s find the personalized herbs for you!

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