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How to Prevent Nephritis

Nephritis,preventionIt is hard to prevent most kinds of nephritis. However, some managements help reduce the risk to develop nephritis.


Nephritis refers to a condition in which some inflammations occur in your kidneys. If left untreated, the infected kidney tissues may lose it working ability gradually. If the nephritis develops rapidly, Dialysis, Steroids and Chinese Herbal Medicine may be used. If it can be treated early, only a diet management may help treating the nephritis greatly.

Herbal Tea. Some herbs are tonic to the kidneys and help to cleanse the inflammations on urinary tract. Herbal tea is a natural way to prevent nephritis. Her recommended herbs include pipsissewa, uva ursi, nettle seed tincture, rehmannia root, wild yam root, moutan bark etc. Remember, you are suggested to talk with a professional herbalist firstly, before you take any herbal tea.

Diet Changes. Take more fruits and vegetables. Some foods can work as natural diuretics, such as coconut water and grapes. bananas and avocados can provide the energy and nutrients you need without aggravating your symptoms.

Water Consumption. Drinking a lot of water and constantly discharging your urine will help keep your bladder clean and help you avoid this ailment as well.

Healthy Living. Healthy living helps reduce the risk to develop nephritis. Smoking and drinking must be totally given up. Both smoking and alcoholic beverage are shown to damage your kidneys gradually.

Toilet hygiene. Any inflammation around the urinary tract can be a cause of nephritis. Practicing a good toilet hygiene minimises the risk of bacteria entering the urethra and going on to cause problems.

Regular medical check. You are suggested to take medical check at a regular basis. Many nephritis develops from a mild medical condition which is ignored at the very beginning. Check your body regularly is the most effective ways to monitor your kidneys and prevent nephritis.

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