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Maikang Mixture

Maikang Mixture

Maikang Mixture is the unique medicine in our hospital. It has a effective effect on improving patients' blood circulation so that has used widely for those patients who have chronic kidney disease.

The functions of Maikang Mixture:

It can help patients recuperate the body environment such as lower the blood lipid, antithrombosis, anti-aging, improve blood rheology index, enhance the immune system, promote serum protein and nucleic acid synthesis, anti digestive tract ulcer, anti radiation, adjust the glucose metabolism and other biological activities.

main ingredients:

Auricularian, chrysanthemum, loofah, 16 kinds of amino acids, many kinds of active enzyme, adenosine polypeptide and other active substances, 6 vitamins and 10 kinds of trace elements etc.

Suitable for:

Chronic kidney disease patients.

How to use Maikang Mixture:

Take orally, 40 ml each time and 2 times a day, fasting morning and evening take. If needed, the doctor will change the does according to patient’s condition, but the patients are not supposed to increase or decrease the dosage by themselves.

By all accounts, Maikang Mixture has a effective effect on treating chronic kidney disease. And it is a kind of indispensable medicine in our hospital. If you are interested in our characteristic treatments or you have any question on kidney disease, you can consult our online doctors or leave your question and contact way below which our doctors will contact you in 24 hours.

Let us fight the kidney disease together with you, let us help you get rid of the suffering of kidney disease. Never give up!