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Best Treatment for Lupus Nephritis Stage 4 and Anemia

Best Treatment for Lupus Nephritis Stage 4 and AnemiaAbout 50% of patients with SLE develop inflammation of the kidneys, known as Lupus Nephritis. Stage 4 of Lupus Nephritis is the most severe and the most subtype. In this stage, more than 50% of the filtering units - glomeruli, are damaged, leading to symptoms like anemia. What is the best treatment for this stage?

Pathogenesis of Lupus Nephritis

This is a kind of auto immune disorder. Each of us has antibodies. For healthy people, it is normal reaction, but for persons with kidney problem, it is abnormal. Under this condition, excessive immune complexes will deposit on the glomerular basement membrane, causing the proliferation and swelling of mesangial cells, thus impairing the glomerular filtration membrane and deterioration of kidney function.

Healthy kidneys produce a hormone known as EPO, which stimulates the bone marrow to produce proper number of red blood cells needed to carry oxygen to vital organs. Diseased kidneys fail to make enough EPO and fewer RBCs are made, leading to anemia.

Best treatment for Lupus Nephritis stage 4 and anemia

No matter what treatment option you adopt, it should ensure the treatment effects as below:

1. Restrain the inflammation of the kidneys and relieve symptoms like protein leakage.

2. Eliminate the immune complexes in the kidney and clear away the inflammatory factors in blood.

3. Promote the blood circulation in kidney and provide a favorable internal environment.

4. Rebuild the immune network and rectify the immune reaction in the body.

With the above treatment effects, Lupus Nephritis stage 4 can be well managed and will not progress further. Here is a case for your reference and better understanding of the treatment 'Mrs. Arroyo, Lupus Nephritis, Indonesia'. Thanks for your time!

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